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I am an on-location Event, Portrait, and Promotional Photographer serving the Jamestown, NY, Warren, PA area and beyond! I began photographing on a professional level in October of 2006 with my first wedding! I have also worked as a Graphic Designer at a print shop and in Pre-Press. Prior to that I was mainly a Fine Art Photographer. I graduated from Fredonia State College with a degree in Visual Arts and New Media. I have also studied Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have not always been a Digital Photographer; I have spent many hours in the darkroom through out my college career developing my own film and prints! I have participated in many shows locally and beyond. My work has been in London at the Saatchi & Saatchi Contemporary Art Gallery, SUNY Albany where my work was featured in the Best of Show for all SUNY colleges, as well as local coffee shops and galleries through out Chautauqua County. I love photographing weddings, people and interesting places and things! I intended on being a Fine Art Photographer but after my first wedding, I feel in love! Sometimes you’ll even catch me shedding a tear during the vows! I believe in capturing portraits of people, not taking pictures. I want to tell something about the people I photograph to me this means showing who you are in your environment where you feel comfortable and can be yourself! I hope you love what you see on my site and if you do, please be sure to Like me on Facebook and tell your friends!

I am more than a photographer… I am a newly-wed, a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a crafter, a yogi, a runner (in training!) coffee addict, until recently I was a full time photo-editor at a catalog company, now I am a Media and Production Artist and part time photographer! In August of this year I married my best friend, Joel. Before that I was Carrie Cederquist. I was born in Jamestown and grew up in the Busti-Lakewood area with a 150 acre backyard. I am a country girl and love the outdoors. My husband and I recently moved to the Russell, PA area where we currently live. That’s pretty much everything about me! Now I can’t wait to hear about you! Email me anytime, night or day but please keeps calls/texts to Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.
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